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AREEJ AL-ALAM for Travel and tourism works hard to be the first choice for the tourists and the travelers to all the best tourist destination in the world by providing full tourist packages and high-quality services at the best rates.


AREEJ AL-ALAM for travel and tourism has sought to achieve her goal by Establishing two sister companies in Malaysia and Egypt and preparing an experienced and competent staff who are working continually tirelessly to counsel, support clients and respond to their queries, provide full tourist packages, provide interpretation services and overcome barriers the whole trip. Thus, we have managed to provide integrated tourist services to our customers and achieve high proportion of their satisfaction.

AREEJ AL-ALAM operates in accordance with comprehensive survey of the clients wishes in Saudi Arabia and recognizes their wishes and their favourite destination around the world and then it works on achieving those wishes among all sectors of tourists with emphasis on the family tourism and the honeymoon trips.

Furthermore, AREEJ AL-ALAM closely follows the new tourist destinations around the world and works on survey those destinations and cooperates with her partners to provide innovative tourist programs.



AREEJ AL-ALAM for travel and tourism stands proudly today as:

The only one in Malaysia : “AREEJ AL-ALAM, as the only Saudi Arabian company that accompanies their clients during their trip in Malaysia.

Annually Tens of thousands of clients: it has arranged tens of thousands of package tours for her clients to all destination in the world.

Clients satisfaction: AREEJ AL-ALAM has achieved outstanding performance in providing the integrated full packages and has been satisfied a high proportion of the clients.

24/7: AREEJ AL-ALAM is almost distinct from 95% of the tourist companies in Saudi Arabia in providing the contact Centre and the clients service on a 24-hours-a-day, the staff serve the clients and help them on a 24-hours-a-day.

Flexibility in payment : AREEJ AL-ALAM is almost distinct from any other with the flexibility in the payment of Travel costs to the clients according to the system adopted.

Through our company, we provide:

  • The most accurate information on hotels and the tourist places.
  • Searching for the lower-priced hotels
  • Booking the domestic and the International Aviation.
  • Provision of transportation services with guaranteed companies in all destination around the world.
  • Arranging tours at the best rates.
  • Booking interisland cruises.
  • Daily support and Simultaneous interpretation.
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